Achieving Actionable Business Intelligence via an Integrated MSP and VMS Solution


The amount of data being produced and captured in today’s ever-connected world is staggering, as is the potential opportunity for businesses to improve their performance by harnessing this information. Yet many organisations are challenged by the sheer mass of the data and the complexity of corresponding analytics, becoming overwhelmed and paralysed by all the possibilities.

This challenge is reflected in today’s contingent workforce management world. According to a Deloitte study 75% of executives identify talent analytics as an important issue, but only 8% believe their organisations are strong in the area.

To better leverage workforce analytics and business intelligence to drive real-world business results, one key is harnessing the power of an integrated managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) platform, such as PRO Unlimited.

Actionable Business Intelligence and the Benefits of a Joint Approach

The analytics of “big data” consist of two key parts: data capture and data interpretation/application. As such, a top tier VMS must be capable of ingest the right information both from third-party systems and client-generated data.

In addition, a leading-edge VMS needs to be able to present this data in a format that empowers workforce management decisions both tactical strategic:

• Tactical decisions: Typically made at the operational level; and assist in day-today management of the contingent workforce.

• Strategic decision: requires seeing cross all aspects of a contingent workforce programs in order to resource plan, as well as drive cost savings and program efficiency.

Finally, simply because a VMS has a “pretty” dashboard doesn’t mean it’s going to produce intelligent data and recommendations that make a tangible difference. This is where an MSP can provide critical client support.

The PRO Approach

With PRO’s unique single provider offering, the MSP possesses an intimate understanding of the VMS platform and its underlying analytical capabilities. Wand Discovery, the interactive business intelligence suite within PRO’s Wand VMS platform, captures every process that managers, contingent workers, suppliers and other users perform within Wand and serves it up via interactive, intuitive dashboards.

In addition, with Total Talent Solutions, clients gain total visibility into both contingent AND full-time resources across the organisation. This industry-first technology gives users insights into the best ways to engage resources across the organisation. this industry-first technology gives users insights into the best ways to engage resources across all categories from a cost, quality and risk perspective. (learn more: “Unleashing the Power of Holistic Workforce Visibility”.)

PRO has a dedicated Strategic, Analytics and Metrics (SAM) team that’s on site with clients right from the start of the relationship and will fully customise the Wand Discovery dashboards to align with the client’s needs and preferences. Following implementation, the SAM team uses its knowledge of both the client and Wand VMS to offer additional insights.

To learn more about the benefits of an integrated approach, check out our data sheet, “Positive Business Outcomes of an Integrated MSP and VMS Solution.”

For more info on how you can make faster, smarter decisions that will help you secure top talent while driving cost savings, download “Using Candidate Match to Find the Best Contingent Worker for the Job”.

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