Artificial Intelligence – Its Impact On Contingent Workforce Labour


Forbes taps PRO Unlimited’s Ted Sergott, EVP of Product Development, to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on contingent workforce management. The article highlights 4 main areas that will have a significant impact in the space including:

1. Adaptive Job Assessments
2. Social And Behavioural Data Mining
3. Embedded Intelligence
4. Augmented Reality

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Artificial Intelligence and Contingent Workforce Management

The article concludes by pointing out that increased integration of AI into existing technologies is poised to unlock a wealth of opportunities for companies. By analysing data sets and performing automated work behind the scenes, AI promises to enable faster decision-making and free up valuable resources for stakeholders.

AI has the potential to provide a wealth of insights that both confirm and dispute previously assumed hypotheses. Employed strategically, these ideas could reveal new ways to increase hiring success and deepen understanding of a company’s workforce.

Combined with human expertise, this augmented intelligence will help businesses drive cost savings, increase talent quality and improve the effectiveness of their continent workforce programs

Read the full article in Forbes here.

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