Using Brand Power to Secure Contractor Talent


When it comes to business, time is money. In the aggressive war for talent, attracting and retaining quality workers us the key to saving time and most importantly, capital. The expenses associated with not securing the right talent are material, stemming from vacancy costs or the cost of a bad hire. How can companies avoid these potential pitfalls?

The Rise of the Contingent Workforce

The 2007 Great Recession prompted organisations to tap into new talent pools such as contingent workers to create a more flexible work environment as workforce demands changed. Surprisingly, not only has the market influenced this emerging trend, but the millennial generation has shown an interest in the opportunity to “job hop” as well. The cohort views contingent work as the ability to enhance their skillset and experience different company environments before accepting a full-time position.

Brand Power Attracts Talent
It’s no secret attracting and retaining good talent has become extremely difficult. Companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple are investing a great deal of money to cultivate brand awareness and attract top-tier talent. The TalentBoard Report showed that candidates desire three primary objectives from a hiring company:

• A clear understanding of the company culture
• Insight into the employee experience
• A sense of connection with the overall brand

Not only is it important to have this information available, the application process needs to be easy to navigate for non-employee candidates. It is arguably more important on the non-employee side, where the cost differential between a self-identified contingent worker and an agency-recruited contingent worker could be more than 20% per worker.

Power of Collaboration

Organisations with strong brand names can leverage their market power to attract candidates and direct them to their own Managed Service Provider (MSP), thus driving savings and efficiencies. Some MSPs have even developed new technologies to help their clients attract their won talent using their brand power. An organisation should collaborate with their MSP to actively manage this experience with their non-employee population.

Read the full case study to get a more in-depth understanding of the importance of brand awareness and how a company realised a 9% improvement in their contractor Glassdoor ratings.

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