The Digitisation of Contingent Workforce Management

In these shifting economic times, many leading companies are choosing to accelerate key strategies and initiatives rather than take a cautious approach. They’re acting quicker, thinking bigger, and investing in technology and innovation. They’re also leveraging data and analytics to increase organisational agility and gain a critical edge on the competition.

Put another way, they’re embracing digitisation. In a recent Toolbox for HR article, PRO Unlimited’s CEO Kevin Akeroyd discusses this phenomenon and the impact it’s having on contingent workforce management. As Kevin notes, the meaning of “digitisation” can vary slightly based on a few factors, but it generally encompasses the following:

• Moving operations online and migrating to the cloud
• Investing in technology and innovation
• Increasing business partnerships and expanding overall reach
• Improving organisational agility and accelerating decision-making
• Harnessing more data and using it to inform strategy

In many cases, the contingent workforce provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate these new strategies, since companies can try different tactics with this workforce before fully committing.

As Kevin discusses, many top organisations are approaching digitisation in exciting ways to help their contingent workforce programmes operate smarter, faster and better:


• Better measuring and ensuring remote workforce productivity
• Upgrading technology (machine learning, real-time analytics, etc.)
• Developing a holistic partnership ecosystem
• Building out technology integrations


• Expanding the global footprint of a contingent workforce programme
• Establishing standard global programme practices
• Improving organisational flexibility (e.g., expanding worker redeployment efforts)
• Increasing mobile Vendor Management System (VMS) usage


• Tapping best-in-class analytics platforms to gain holistic visibility to the entire workforce
• Updating the talent landscaping approach to better leverage today’s remote workforce
• Utilising digital tools to supercharge direct sourcing efforts.
• Using data to improve the approach to diversity and inclusion

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