Increasing Operational Efficiency through an Integrated MSP and VMS Solution


In today’s super-competitive landscape, savvy businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase operational efficiency. After all, one study found that in a company of 500 people, a 1 percent increase in productivity would yield a savings of nearly £583,000.

With contingent labour now comprising more than 14 percent of the total UK workforce and projections for continued upward growth, many companies are looking for ways to increase efficiency in the managing and execution of their contingent workforce programmes. To this end, the importance of using an integrated managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) platform cannot be overemphasised.

Operational Efficiency and the Benefits of a Joint Approach

Addressing the costs, risks and quality issues associated with managing a contingent workforce requires the full collective powers of both human expertise and cutting-edge technology. A fully integrated MSP and VMS solution, such as PRO Unlimited’s, enables organisations to extract as much value as possible from their VMS technology. In contrast, when there are different MSP and VMS providers involved, communications are complex and the “blame game” often occurs. This translates into an operational efficiency “drag” that slows decision-making and incurs greater time expenditure — not only on the part of the MSP and VMS, but the buyer, too.

With a disaggregated approach, it also becomes more difficult for the MSP to leverage the VMS to optimise certain processes. For example, when an MSP pinpoints an operational opportunity that requires a VMS modification or enhancement, the ability of the MSP to affect this change can be difficult. The VMS may also require further remuneration for the customisation or change. Even if the VMS is willing to institute the change, the VMS may not be able to make it a priority.

Because MSPs are measured and evaluated based on their ability to deliver to agreed-upon SLAs, the MSP will focus on what is good for the MSP. In the case of a VMS, margins are typically small, and thus concentration is on controlling scope creep and managing implementations so they don’t spiral off track. In contrast, a one-vendor, integrated MSP and VMS approach such as PRO’s focuses on the solution and the business requirements of the buyer.

The PRO Approach PRO, through its purely vendor-neutral MSP and VMS solutions, helps organisations address the costs, risks and quality issues associated with managing a contingent workforce.

PRO’s on-site MSP team of recruitment and employment experts oversees the automation of contingent worker recruitment via its Wand VMS platform. The result is increased efficiency in every aspect of the clients’ workforce management efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Payrolling and Billing: Consolidated invoicing and payrolling services help clients mitigate risk while boosting operational efficiency.
  • Side-by-side candidate comparison, CV review, and interview scheduling without ever leaving the app
  • Budgeting: Gaining central visibility to all spend associated with projects creates more efficiency for future projects.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding: Automation under the MSP’s supervision ensures no detail is missed.
  • Worker Management: Wand VMS streamlines timecard, expense and SOW project submissions and approvals
  • Talent Matching: Wand’s proprietary CV parsing and candidate matching technologies more quickly guide managers to candidates. (Read more: “Using Candidate Matching to Find the Best Contingent Worker for the Job.”)
  • Talent Screening: To further the speed of time-to-fill, MSPs encourage faster supplier response.
  • Talent Sourcing: PRO’s purely vendor-neutral approach ensures that the best suppliers for your needs are utilised in your programme. Wand’s self-sourcing capabilities help to drive additional savings and talent quality.

If you’re interested in learning more about how PRO can help your organisation increase operational efficiency in its contingent workforce programme, please contact a PRO representative at +44 (0)203 633 3912 or email at