PRO Unlimited Shortlisted for Two 2018 National Technology Awards


We’re thrilled to announce that PRO Unlimited has been selected as a finalist in the 2018 National Technology Awards in the “Best Mobile Innovation of the Year” and “Best Enterprise Project” categories. Specifically, the awards recognise PRO’s innovative Wand Mobile VMS (vendor management system) app and Total Talent Solutions business intelligence tool.

The National Technology Awards, hosted in London, celebrate the pioneers of new technology, focusing on innovation in areas such as finance, travel, gaming, IoT and analytics. Finalists come from those companies and organisations who have made outstanding technological contributions across a variety of sectors.

Here’s the background on the two categories in which PRO received nominations and how the related offerings help users:

Best Mobile Innovation of the Year

Today’s workforce is on the go, using more mobile devices to do their jobs – and these devices make them more effective and efficient. To help managers and workers become more efficient, PRO is laser-focused on offering the industry’s most robust mobile app. Wand Mobile, a 100 percent native VMS app built from the ground up for Apple and Android devices, enables users to easily manage every aspect of their contingent workforce experience while they’re away from their desktops. For managers, highlights of the app include but are not limited to:

  • Push notifications alerting them of new action items
  • Side-by-side candidate comparison, CV review, and interview scheduling without ever leaving the app
  • Existing workforce management by reviewing assignment details, days left, funds depletion, and billing history
  • Easy timecard review and approval functionality while on the go
  • Detailed financial requests and change requests for approval (including headcount requests, project/SOW, expenses, etc.)

On the worker side, Wand Mobile enables users to easily track their time and expenses anytime and anywhere by providing:

  • Quick and easy timecard submission in just a few swipes and taps
  • Ability to copy timecards from previous weeks, thus expediting the submission of timecards
  • Expense report creation and submission by utilising the device’s built-in camera to capture receipts
  • Ability to view archives of all billing and expense history

For more on mobile, check out our “5 Ways Mobile Improves the Contingent Workforce Management Experience” white paper and “Wand Mobile for Managers” fact sheet.

Best Enterprise Project

Most business leaders understand the importance of capturing and harnessing talent analytics, but acknowledge that their organisations are struggling to do so. Total Talent Solutions, PRO’s latest reporting and analytics innovation, provides clients with total visibility into both contingent AND full-time resources across the organisation. The goal? Providing actionable business intelligence that companies can use to improve workforce planning and decision-making.

By consolidating different data sets and serving them up through interactive dashboards, Total Talent Solutions enables users to quickly view information such as:

  • Global headcount and distribution by employee type (staffing-sourced, Statement of Work, payroll, etc.) to determine future talent and drive cost savings
  • Comparison of hourly “all-in” cost by type of engagement and location for a given job title
  • Specific regions and locations to see how their workforce is distributed
  • Full-time and contingent workforce quality data, giving clients the ability to see what types of engagements are yielding the highest-quality work at the lowest rate

To learn more about total talent management, read our “Unleashing the Power of Holistic Workforce Visibility” data sheet.

The 2018 National Technology Award winners will be announced on May 17 at the Awards Gala Dinner at the Waldorf Hilton in London. For more information on the awards, check out PRO Unlimited’s official press release.

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