Is Total Non-Employee Visibility & Increased Cost Savings Important to You?


This pharmaceutical giant required a comprehensive assessment of their US based contingent workforce management programme. The company’s objectives included reducing their number of suppliers and gaining more control and visibility of its non-employee headcount. The pharma company was also looking to increase their diversity spend of programme usage. So how did they address this?

They determined that implementing a purely vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) with proven pharmaceutical experience was the optimal way to realise their goals.

After reviewing a number of contingent labour solutions in the market, they chose PRO Unlimited’s purely vendor-neutral and integrated MSP and VMS. I am sure you are thinking what is unique about a purely vendor-neutral offering compared to traditional MSPs? Pure vendor-neutrality only exists when the MSP has no staffing capabilities whatsoever and zero competition with staffing suppliers to source workers. This makes all the difference – companies get the best talent at the most competitive rates.

Additionally, the programme is comprised of professional on-site dedicated office staff, underpinned by PRO’s proprietary and award winning Wand VMS platform. The one-stop enterprise solution provides stakeholders with white-glove professional client services, world-class VMS technology, ongoing strategic analysis and expert contingent workforce consultative support. This model is proven to improve operational efficiencies and mitigate risks while engaging the most highly qualified and cost effective contract talent.

And to back up this claim, let’s check out some of the programme’s key wins:

  • Reduced number of suppliers by 54%
  • Achieved 98.7% manager satisfaction rate
  • Collaboration with 100 active suppliers and 2,000 contingent workers
  • Doubled diversity spend to 18.7% of programme usage
  • Realised 100% visibility to all non-employee (PRO non-employee portal)
  • Achieved scope expansion over 8+ years of service
  • Managed in-person meetings with >150 users every quarter
  • Optimised operations and efficiencies using an advanced, omni-channel VMS solution (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Total control and visibility into enterprise wide contingent workforce
  • True competitive bid for all contingent orders

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