Ireland-based Company Secures Superior Contingent Talent at Lowest Cost


A global biopharmaceutical company, based in Ireland, required a first-generation contingent workforce management solution. Its goal was to grow its supplier base to include speciality and niche vendors, allowing for greater sourcing options, competitive bidding, and a more diverse candidate pool. After an in-depth market analysis, the organisation selected a purely vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS). Pure vendor-neutrality only exists when the MSP has no staffing capabilities whatsoever and zero competition with staffing suppliers to source contingent talent.

Through this implementation, the company witnessed the following key wins:

  • Introduced true competitive bidding for contingent orders
  • Reduced pricing mark-ups resulting in a 16% decrease in contractor spend.
  • Expanded the supplier pool from 2 to 22 to enhance candidate selection.
  • Identified that 93% of stakeholders found the process for sourcing and onboarding improved since implementation.
  • Enhanced visibility of candidate identification, status, and selection process.
  • Learn more about the successes of this program by reading the full case study.

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