Using Technology to Better Match Contingent Workers and Job Requisitions


As a hiring manager, finding the perfect candidate for your contingent workforce can be a daunting task. In many situations, you have several CVs to sift though while seeking the elusive answers to such questions as:

• A clear understanding of the company culture
• Insight into the employee experience
• A sense of connection with the overall brand

When you combine several CVs with a bunch of qualifying questions, it’s easy to imagine how determining if a candidate has the right attributes to match a request could be a labor-intensive, challenging process… until now.

The Power of Data, Algorithms and Scoring

Technical innovation and the ability to crunch massive amounts of numbers in a short time period has altered many aspects of our lives. IN the world of contingent workforce management, new technology is now transforming the once-manual process of reviewing candidates into a more automated, efficient and effective one.

PRO Unlimited recently introduced Wand’s Candidate Match, which uses our industry-first CV-parsing technology and proprietary algorithms to pair job opportunities with available candidates. In short, the parsing technology distills CVs and job requisitions into data sets that can be mined to determine the candidates and jobs that most closely align.

The Candidate Match functionality serves up these findings to hiring managers with corresponding match scores of “Excellent”, “Good”, “moderate” or “Low” – as well as more granular match percentage score. (Learn more: “Using Candidate Matching to Find the Best Contingent Worker for the Job.”)

3 Quick Tips for Candidate Matching Success

Using a matching tool like this can help reduce managerial fatigue and bias that can lead to a loss in talent and cost savings. To make the smartest use of this technology, here are three quick tips to consider:

1) Tweak the Weighting
Every industry, company and manager is a little different when it comes to hiring practices and preferences. Wand’s Candidate Match enables you to give more weight to the job attributes that are most important to you as a manager (e.g. education versus job titles) by simply dragging a slider left or right. The Candidate Match rating is then updates in real time.

2) Look for Self-Sourced Candidates
Sourcing candidates through your own private TalentNetwork in Wand can drive major cost savings. Wand’s Candidate Match functionality can help you more quickly identify self-sourced candidates that are a good fit for a position. It’s also useful for comparing these self-sourced workers to supplier-sourced candidates.

3) Consider Other Factors
Candidate Match provides an unbiased data point regarding the best matches for a role based on the information contained within worker profiles and the job requirements. Think of it as a helpful guide to narrow your choices, rather than the be-all-end-all.

To make the best decisions, you’ll want to combine this cutting-edge technology with human expertise. Drill down further into CV details, weigh other factors such as pay rate, and use your managerial expertise to select the right candidate for the job.

For more info on how you can make faster, smarter decisions that will help you secure top talent while driving cost savings, download “Using Candidate Match to Find the Best Contingent Worker for the Job”.

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